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1606 Germany Taler  NGC MS62
Coin ID #: 1391

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  • Alsace. Rudolf II Taler 1606 MS62 NGC,
  • Alsace Dav-3035 Ensisheim mint
  • A scarcer Taler type in all grades, bordering on rare in this state of preservation. Lightly toned with unblemished surfaces and captivating underlying luster.

  • Price: CDN$ 2,125.00
    1,466.25 USD
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    1607 -A France  PDbl T  SP64  BN
    Coin ID #: 1445

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  • FRANCE. Henri IV. 1607-A CU Piefort Double Tournois.
  • PCGS SP64BN (Brown).
  • Paris. Edge: Reeded. Laureate, armored bust right. KM 16.1; Duplessy 1274 Variant.
  • Rare as a Piefort and one of the finest known examples of this very stunning coin. Marvelous cartwheel lustre. (double-thick striking.)

  • Price: CDN$ 7,500.00
    5,175.00 USD
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    1632 Austria Taler  MS63
    Coin ID #: 1389

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  • Archduke Ferdinand Taler
  • 1632 MS63 NGC, Hall mint, KM629, Dav-3338.
  • A common Taler type in a most uncommon grade. All design details in the Archduke's armor are clearly defined. A beautiful 400 year old coin!

  • Price: CDN$ 1,900.00
    1,311.00 USD
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    1643 Germany Augsburg Taler  NGC MS63+
    Coin ID #: 1384

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  • Augsburg. Free City Taler 1643 MS63+ NGC
  • Dav-5039, KM77
  • An exceptionally crisp specimen which presents almost full silvery luster. The detail is simply exquisite and survives in its full magnificence; almost proof-like.
  • A wow coin

  • Price: CDN$ 3,990.00
    2,753.10 USD
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    1682, Germany, 6 Gros,  NGC MS66
    Coin ID #: 1521

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  • GERMAN STATES. Brandenburg. Friedrich Wilhelm.
  • 1682 HS AR 6 Groscher. NGC MS66. Konigsberg. KM 429.
  • Superb gem, virtually as struck.

  • Price: CDN$ 550.00
    379.50 USD
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    1709 Great Britain, Medal, NGC MS63
    Coin ID #: 1526

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  • GREAT BRITAIN. Anne. 1709 CU Medal. NGC MS63.
  • Bust left / Pallas seated right, military trophies behind, town in distance to right. MI-354/190, Eimer 437.
  • Superb iridescent toning, an exceptional example.

  • Price: CDN$ 2,975.00
    2,052.75 USD
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    1726 Austria Taler,  NGC AU details
    Coin ID #: 1381

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  • Dietrichstein. Karl (Charles VI) Taler 1726, Vienna mint
  • AU Details (Cleaned) NGC, KM1579.2, Dav-1186. Mintage: 500

  • Another important taler issue that remains rarely available, featuring the armored bust of Karl Ludwig and crowned arms. As the holder indicates, this coin appears to be have cleaned long ago, and since that time, a stunning patination has covered both sides in exceptional color--the obverse is drenched in golden tones that pronounce the well-struck features of Holy Roman Emperor while the reverse adds touches of mauve and turquoise to the mix. A significant crown in many regards, and worthy of collector attention as such.

  • Price: CDN$ 4,200.00
    2,898.00 USD
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    1736 Austria Thaler MS64
    Coin ID #: 1380

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  • Charles VI Taler 1736 MS64 PCGS
  • Hall mint, KM1639.1, Dav-1055.
  • Glossy in the fields with a gray base of color and electric blue and purple toning accents that are particularly bold on the reverse, creating exceptional eye-appeal.
  • Certainly a treasure to behold in the visually enticing near-Gem state.

  • Price: CDN$ 4,475.00
    3,087.75 USD
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    1751 C Germany 1 MG  MS64
    Coin ID #: 1450

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  • NGC MS64
  • Bruns, Lune, Calen, Hann

  • Price: CDN$ 190.00
    131.10 USD
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    1754 Austria Taler,  NGC MS63
    Coin ID #: 1382

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  • Salzburg. Sigismund III Taler 1754 MS63 NGC
  • KM380, Dav-1248.
  • Crisply detailed and displaying a unique mixture of multicolored iridescent tone in the fields over both sides.
  • Very scarce quality for the type with one example graded MS63 Prooflike in the NGC population reports, but none having a finer numeric grade.
  • From the Jamestown Collection

  • Price: CDN$ 2,985.00
    2,059.65 USD
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    1759 Netherland, 1/4G Holland NGC MS64
    Coin ID #: 1355

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  • Holland. Provincial 1/4 Gulden 1759 MS64 NGC, KM100.
  • 260 year old coin that still has nice luster, wow!

  • Price: CDN$ 525.00
    362.25 USD
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    1764, Germany, Frankfurt, 2 Ducat Pattern,  PCGS SP64
    Coin ID #: 1393

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  • Frankfurt. Free City in the Name of Josef II silver Specimen Pattern 2 Ducat 1764 SP64 PCGS, KM-Pn53.

    An extremely scarce and appealing pattern issue, this is certainly the finest graded example that has come to market certified by either NGC or PCGS. With the present specimen being of far superior quality with soft white surfaces and slightly mottled toning in the exergal portion of the reverse. Featuring an elegant portraying of Peace standing above a wounded soldier.

  • Price: CDN$ 1,495.00
    1,031.55 USD
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    1765 M  Germany  20K   MS65
    Coin ID #: 1396

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  • Pfalz-Birkenfeld-Zweibrucken. Christian IV 20 Kreuzer 1765-M MS65 NGC, KM46.

    A truly exceptional piece, this superb offering retains its full, original luster with white brilliance--cascading across the surfaces in cartwheel brilliance. Die polish lines fill the obverse fields as a final testament to the coin's excellent state of preservation, while only scattered haymarks prevent the reverse fields from achieving true perfection, and this only slightly. With only 2 examples having reached comparable fineness in the NGC census, this is surely a treasured opportunity for the collector of perfection in the realm of German coins.

  • Price: CDN$ 1,800.00
    1,242.00 USD
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    1785 M Austria Taler,  NGC MS64 PL
    Coin ID #: 1383

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  • Salzburg. Hieronymous Taler 1785-M MS64 Prooflike NGC
  • KM435, Dav-1263.
  • Not rare as a type, but certainly so in this engrossing quality, with refined glass-like reflectivity in the fields and delicately frosted central design motifs that produce a cameo appearance over the surfaces.
  • Presently tied for the finest graded of the type at NGC with this coin being the only example to receive the Proof-like designation.

  • Price: CDN$ 1,990.00
    1,373.10 USD
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    1786 Great Britain Anti Slavery, NGC MS61
    Coin ID #: 1386

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  • Middlesex. Anti-Slavery Society white-metal Penny Token ND (c. 1790)
  • MS61 NGC, DH-235, BHM-269, Eimer-836.
  • A premium example of this popular issue, exhibiting full design detail and delicate pastel tone in the fields.
  • From the Jamestown Collection

  • Price: CDN$ 1,200.00
    828.00 USD
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    1790 Great Britain 1/2P NGC PF64 BN Pattern
    Coin ID #: 1398

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  • George III bronzed Proof Pattern
  • 1/2 Penny 1790 PR64 Brown NGC, P-971.
  • A highly detailed pattern piece possessing richly toned walnut brown surfaces.

  • Price: CDN$ 1,225.00
    845.25 USD
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    1790s (ND) Great Britain 1/2D MS65 RB
    Coin ID #: 1522

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  • PCGS MS65RB (Red-Brown)
  • GREAT BRITAIN. Warwickshire. 1790s (ND) CU Halfpenny Token
  • St. Paul's Chapel / MAKER OF BUTTONS MEDALS &c. BIRMINGHAM / P. KEMPSON. Shield of arms. D&H 172.
  • Deeply proof-like gem, virtually full mint red and very flashy. Truly a "pretty Rare Coin".

  • Price: CDN$ 625.00
    431.25 USD
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    1790s (ND) Great Britain 1D  MS64 BN
    Coin ID #: 1512

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  • GREAT BRITAIN. Middlesex. 18th. Century (ND)
  • CU Kempson's Penny Token. PCGS MS64BN (Brown)
  • Edge: Plain. View of building / Coat of arms. D&H 43.
  • Fully proof-like and flashy when rotated in the light. Very attractive coin.

    Price: CDN$ 625.00
    431.25 USD
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    1790s Great Britain 1/2D  MS64  BN
    Coin ID #: 1527

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  • GREAT BRITAIN. Warwickshire. 18th. Century
  • (ND) CU Kempson's Halfpenny Token
  • PCGS MS64RB (Red-Brown).
  • Bust of George III right / Shield of arms. D & H 218.

  • Superb proof-like surfaces. Vivid shades of sea-blue, cobalt-blue, and tan-brown toning invigorate the surfaces of this impressive early token. Special appreciation when viewed in hand.

  • Includes original collector's ticket. Grade rarity and eye appeal make this coin a stellar select piece!

  • Price: CDN$ 1,250.00
    862.50 USD
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    1791 Great Britain, 1/2D Proof 64
    Coin ID #: 1359

    More Photos 

  • Hamphsire. Portsmouth copper Proof "Sr. Bevois Southampton"
  • 1/2 Penny Token 1791 PR64 PCGS, D&H-89
  • Beautiful Bronze specimen, with reflective fields, Nice coin!.

  • Price: CDN$ 675.00
    465.75 USD
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    1793 Great Britain 1/2 Penny  MS63 BN
    Coin ID #: 1420

    More Photos 

  • PCGS MS63BN (Brown) Half Penny
  • Political and Social Series Halfpenny Token
  • Bust of Newton left; SR. ISAAC NEWTON around
  • Caduceus, olive branch and cornucopia

  • Price: CDN$ 560.00
    386.40 USD
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    1793 Great Britain 1/4P  NGC MS65 RB
    Coin ID #: 1419

    More Photos 

  • NGC MS65 RB (Red-Brown)
  • Edge: Milled \\\. SR. ISAAC NEWTON. Bust to left / FARTHING. 1793
  • A cornucopia and olive branch. D & H 1151.
  • Few available in MS65 grade, and extremely rare above that.

  • Price: CDN$ 850.00
    586.50 USD
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    1796 Great Britain  1D  MS64  BN
    Coin ID #: 1525

    More Photos 

  • GREAT BRITAIN. Warwickshire.
  • 1796 CU Peter Kempson Penny Token
  • PCGS MS64BN (Brown)
  • A lion sleeping in a cave; 1796 in a sunk oval in exergue / A cypher J K within a wreath of flowers, in which is entwined a ribbon inscribed PROMISSORY PENNY TOKEN. D & H 20.

  • Includes original collector's ticket noting purchase from Seaby in 1942.

  • Price: CDN$ 785.00
    541.65 USD
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    1796 Great Britain 1D, PCGS MS65 BN
    Coin ID #: 1532

    More Photos 

  • GREAT BRITAIN. Warwickshire, County.
  • 1796 CU Penny Token. PCGS MS65BN (Brown). By W. Wyon of Birmingham.
  • PROMISSORY PENNY TOKEN. Flower bouquet above cypher J.W. / CRESCIT IN IMMENSVM. Obelisk. D & H 25.
  • Includes original collector's ticket noting purchase from Spink in 1942.

  • Price: CDN$ 980.00
    676.20 USD
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